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Welcome to Bling’n The Message ! My online store of T-shirts designed to encourage you and others as you wear our tees of shiny inspirations of faith, hope and culture.

Bling'n History

Hi! I’m Peggy, but most folks know me as Pj.

Sometimes life has to turn you upside down, in order for you to live right side up. Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer was a repeating slap in the face as I entered each phase of treatment following the diagnosis. Once you know you have cancer your perspective of life changes. Life is hard period. And we could all use a bit of encouragement as we face the many struggles that come with navigating life.

While receiving treatment I found encouragement from the T-shirt of a lady sitting beside me receiving her own dosage of chemo. We were both battling breast cancer, only this was her third time. I couldn’t believe it… I sat in disbelief, really, your third time? And while it was clear to me that she was tired, she didn’t complain. In fact she offered self-care advice all while sporting the most awesome T-shirt I had ever seen -- A blinged out image of, catch this, Rosie the Riveter! As I listened to her words of wisdom I marveled at this Rosie with the Breast Cancer ribbon tattooed on the forearm of her flexed forearm with the words Fight Like a Girl and knew I HAD to have one!

As many of you know the world is unpredictable and not always kind, my search for Rosie made it so that now you too can receive messages that I hope will touch your heart and be there in times of need. And while your message may be different, do not underestimate the power of words that speak to your heart, I guarantee that there’s something here that will connect to you and inspire others! The only and last time I saw my friend again I shared with her how her advice, so freely given and the bling on her shirt that day had encouraged me to get through chemo and fight the good fight. She was my shiny inspiration.